Tantora extra large catappa leaves

Tantora catappa leaves XL size (19-30 centimeters). Catappa leaves have a preventive effect against diseases and are a long-lasting food source. 10 or 50 pieces.

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Tantora extra large catappa leaves

Tantora catappa leaves (also known as Ketapang-, Almond, Terminalia or sea almond tree leaves) are taken from the sea almond tree. These leaves are A quality!

Catappa leaves provide a lowering of the pH, have an antibacterial effect, give the aquarium a natural look, enhance the colors of fish and shrimp, reduce stress, and preventive work against diseases in the aquarium.

Shrimp and crayfish find the catappa leaves very tasty, and the leaves are therefore excellent supplementary feed. Many small shrimps and crayfish gather on the catappa leaves to eat it. The little shrimps always get enough food this way.

Catappa leaves give off a antibacterial substance for 3 to 4 weeks.

Dosage: Every 3 to 4 week a new leaf on 50liter water.

Unlimited shelf life when stored dry.

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The 10 pieces package can be sent by letter and weighs 100 grams. Shipping by letter is possible to 200gram.

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