Aquarium glue can be used for many different aspects in the aquarium. Ideal for binding aquarium plants, making and repairing aquariums, secure hardscape materials and securing back walls.

Plant fix


With plant fix, you can easily and quickly attach aquarium plants / moss to any surface. Works also under water! Shrimp safe.

Aqua Strong aquarium silicone sealant


Aqua strong silicone for displays terrariums and aquariums. In black and transparent. Content: 310ml.

ADA moss cotton


Moss Cotton is a special thread to tie and fix moss on driftwood. In a quite dark green color similar to that of Willow moss and it will naturally biodegrade after Willow moss has taken root to the driftwood or rock.

ADA wood tight


Wood Tight is a vinyl covered wire, temporarily fix ferns and Anubias until the plant spreads their roots on the driftwood. The brown wire is barely-noticeable in the aquarium layout. After fixing water plants, it is easy to cut and remove by scissors.