OAS pea flakes


Pea flakes are flat, dried peas of organic origin. Peas are full of natural vitamins and minerals that the shrimp use to grow, color and build the shell. Sink instantly.

OAS carrot sticks


OAS carrot sticks are rich in carotene, which enhances the color of shrimp. These food sticks are also rich in fibers and other building materials, making the sticks a good supplementary food.

OAS beetroot sticks


OAS beetroot sticks contain a high content of vitamins C, A, iron, volic acid and a whole lot of other important trace elements. A good supplementary food which improves the immune system and the coloring of shrimps.

OAS dill sticks


OAS dill sticks are very rich of various vitamins and macro elements that are absorbed by shrimps in small quantities. Dill provides protection against diseases and supports the immune system of shrimps.

OAS stinging nettle sticks


Very popular dietary supplement for shrimps, crabs, snails, catfish and other herbivores. Contain minerals which are essential for moulting and vitamins to strengthen the body’s defences.

OAS spinach sticks


Spinach is a rich source of minerals, macro and trace elements (such as iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium), it is also a great source of fiber, folic acid and chlorophyll. Spinach is an ideal supplemental food for shrimps.

OAS Echinacea sticks


OAS Echinacea sticks have a (slightly) medicinal effect and diseases can be prevented by supporting the immune system.

OAS paprika chips


The OAS bell pepper chips are made from 100% dried red bell peppers. Bell pepper is often fed by shrimp due to its color-enhancing properties and small amount of minerals that shrimp use when molting.

OAS paprika sticks


Pure natural food - 100% Paprika for fish, shrimp & snails. Rich in trace elements, folic acids, vitamin A, provitamin B, magnesium, potassium and iron.

OAS dandelion sticks


Dandelion contains folic acid, vitamins A, C, D and beta carotene. It is rich in minerals such as iron, calcium, potassium, valuable tannin that contain antibiotics.

OAS barley sticks


The young green leaves of the barley plant are very energetic, contain much: chlorophyll, vitamins, proteins, minerals and trace elements. Power from nature!

OAS Bee pollen


The bee pollen shrimp food forever are a healthy snack for your shrimps. Bee pollen are rich in proteins and amino acids. These proteins and amino acids ensure good cell construction, which support shrimp growth, color and breeding. Bee pollen are a good

OAS Spirulina powder


content: 25 gram



REAL snowflakes which we import ourselves from Thailand. 100% top quality and these snowflakes do exactly what they must do. Giving good shrimp nutrition.

Vin Blizzard Shrimp Food


Vin Blizzard Shrimp Food is high quality shrimp feed, specially selected and composed by VinFish. With Blizzard you are assured of the best nutrition for optimal health, growth, coloring and breeding. Content: 40 or 500 grams.

Vin Blizzard Spinach Taste


After almost 4 years of research, Vin Blizzard Spinach Taste has come onto the market. Made from the best ingredients such as high-quality spinach powder, spirulina powder, amino acids and vegetable protein, this food is the ideal all-round food for shrim

Shrimps Affair complete food


Shrimps Affair complete food is all-in-one food for shrimps and crayfish. Due to the precise composition, the food is rich in everything that shrimps & crayfish need, such as nutrients, amino acids and minerals. Content: 50 grams.

HS-aqua Chitin+


In order to make new skin, shrimp eat chitin from their old, discarded skin, or cellulose from plant-based materials. HS aqua Crusta Chitin+ is a product made from natural shrimp skin, and helps these animals make new skin.

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