REAL snowflakes which we import ourselves from Thailand. 100% top quality and these snowflakes do exactly what they must do. Giving good shrimp nutrition.

OAS carrot sticks


OAS carrot sticks are rich in carotene, which enhances the color of shrimp. These food sticks are also rich in fibers and other building materials, making the sticks a good supplementary food.

OAS dill sticks


OAS dill sticks are very rich of various vitamins and macro elements that are absorbed by shrimps in small quantities. Dill provides protection against diseases and supports the immune system of shrimps.

OAS Echinacea sticks


OAS Echinacea sticks have a (slightly) medicinal effect and diseases can be prevented by supporting the immune system.

OAS paprika chips


The OAS bell pepper chips are made from 100% dried red bell peppers. Bell pepper is often fed by shrimp due to its color-enhancing properties and small amount of minerals that shrimp use when molting.

CSF Spirulina powder


content: 25 gram