Dennerle nano care set


Complete Set containing Nano Water Conditioner, Nano Crusta-Fit und Nano Crusta Mineral. Content: 3x15ml

Dennerle nano water conditioner


Dennerle nano water conditioner makes tap water safe for mini aquaria. with a special protection formula for shrimps, crabs and crayfish. Content: 15ml for 150l of fresh water.

Dennerle nano FB7 bacto elixier


Dennerle nano FB7 bacto elixier is a living clear water filtering bacteria for clear and healthy water. Content: 15 ml for 600L aquarium water.

Dennerle nano crusta mineral


Dennerle nano crusta mineral are vital minerals for shrimps, crayfish and crabs. It's a Multi-mineral product with valuable natural montmorillonite clay. Content: 35 gram.