Colombo plan fertilizer aquarium

Colombo Flora Grow Carbo


FloraGrow Carbo contains a substance that serves as a replacement for CO2. In aquaria without a CO2 system, the use of FloraGrow Carbo is indispensable. Available in 250/500 or 2500 ml.

Colombo Flora Grow Combipack


Colombo Flora Grow Combipack is a value pack with 250 milliliters of Colombo Flora Grow & 250 milliliters of Colombo Flora Grow Carbo.

Colombo Flora Grow PRO


Liquid foliar feed for heavily planted ” scapers” aquariums with relatively few fish. FloraGrow Pro is special liquid plant food for heavily planted aquaria. Content: 250,500 or 500ml.

Colombo Nutri Caps


Nutri Caps allow you to introduce nutrition into the aquarium bed, directly at the roots where the plants need it. Plants take up nutrition via the leaves, but also via the soil, which is why sufficient nutrition in the soil is important. Content: 10 pcs.

Colombo Ferro Tabs


FE tablets deliver iron to the roots, iron is the most important trace element for aquarium plants. Many plants absorb iron only through the roots. Content: 10 pcs.

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