Slate stone medium corner hotel


The slate medium corner hotel is perfect for growing and accommodating L-numbers up to 12 cm such as the L015, L102, L144 and the L168. The corners have been given a natural finish and are perfect to use to fill the unused corner in the aquarium or terrar

Slate stone hotel single round


The slate stone are perfect for breeding L-numbers up to 12 cm such as the L046, L129 and L450. The slate stone have been given a beautiful natural finish and are easy to place in the aquarium.

Slate stone triple flat round


The slate stone flat triple round are perfect for growing the larger Loricariidae up to 19 cm such as the L075, L081 and the L128. Perfect for keeping and breeding large groups of Loricariidae. The slate stone flat has a natural finish and has a closed b

Slate stone hotel round


Perfect for breeding L-number species up to 14 cm such as the L066, L135, L201, L316 and the L333. The round hotels are used in show aquariums and are very popular with breeders of Loricariidae and other catfish.