Artemia breeding & eggs aquarium

Hobby brine shrimp salt


A special salt for breeding brine shrimp. This salt is enriched with trace elements and phytoplankton which are present in the sea.

Hobby Liquizell


Liquid starter feed for larvae, for feeding as of 3 days' old and also for invertebrates. Content: 50 or 250 ml.

Hobby artemia hatchery


Simplest method of hatching brine shrimp eggs. Only the eggs and salt are required. It is not even necessary here to connect an aerator. Enables simple removal of larvae for feeding to your young fish. With enclosed feeding dropper.

Hobby artemia breeder


The Artemia Breeder makes it easy to breed artemia nauplii. The special design of the breeder ensures gentle turbulence of the artemia eggs and nauplii without allowing them to deposit in dead corners.

Hobby Artemia Incubator Set


The professional incubator set provides everything needed for successful, long-term breeding of brine shrimp. The incubator set ensures a long-lasting supply of live feed.

Hobby artemia sieve


Sieve for skimming off nauplia and feeding to fish. Mesh 120 mµ. The HOBBY Artemia sieve is an indispensable tool for collecting and rinsing the hatched larvae.

Canned Brine Shrimps


Canned Brine Shrimps is a high-quality food based on an innovative feeding concept. Selected, cultivated Artemia were directly preserved in the present can by high-pressure heat sterilization in their own juice. Content: 100 gram.

Flake food Artemia


Complete flake feedstuff for all kinds of tropical and sea fish. The flakes contain over 40 ingredients and are specially enriched with ARTEMIA (min. 50%), finely ground marine crustaceans, molluscs and marine algae.

HS-aqua artemia flakes


HS-aqua artemia flakes is an additional food for all tropical fish. Ideal for carnivorous fish and shrimp. Available in 200, 400 and 1000ml.