Power shrimp shrimp food is made from the finest ingredients. All shrimp foods from power shrimp are 100% biological and without additives. A complete range of freshwater shrimp food, suitable for all species of freshwater shrimp.

PowerShrimp grow premium


Grow Premium is a complete shrimp food for all freshwater shrimp. Grow premium shrimp food is enriched with vitamins and multi-minerals which provide an improvement of the color and a good health of shrimp.

PowerShrimp baby premium


Complete and nutritious shrimp food for all young freshwater shrimp. Enhances the growth, health and water quality. Only made from the best ingredients. Content: 30 or 350 grams.

PowerShrimp greenfood


This shrimp food is made exclusively from plants and vegetables. Improves health, vitality and color of your shrimp. Enhances the skin changing and breeding of the shrimp. Content: 30 grams

PowerShrimp spinach


Power Shrimp Spinach is a healthy shrimp food. The high content of chlorophyll supports the digestion of shrimp. Antioxidants strengthen the immunity and resistance of the shrimp.

PowerShrimp nettle


Additional nettle food sticks made of 100% natural nettle leaves. No added flavorings, preservatives or other attractants. Content: 30 grams.

PowerShrimp Hokkaido


Hokkaido contains many minerals, nutrients and vital substances to keep aquarium animals healthy and beautiful. Strengthens the shell.