SL-aqua More Snowflakes


SL-aqua Snowflakes are 100% natural snowflakes made entirely from soy shells. The snowflakes are often used as supplementary food or during vacations. Snowflakes stimulates the growth of mycelia, which is a source of food for shrimps over a long period of

SL-aqua More Vegetable


SL-aqua More Vegetable is a fully vegetable shrimp food based on what shrimp eat in their natural environment. This food contains all the necessary nutrients for optimum growth, coloring and breeding. Content: 30 grams.

SL-aqua More Meat


SL-aqua More Meat is a complete shrimp food and contains mainly animal ingredients. These high-quality ingredients are very high in nutrients, proteins and amino acids and ensure optimum growth, color and breeding. Content: 30 grams.

SL-aqua More White


SL-aqua More White is a complete shrimp food that consists of a mix of vegetable and animal ingredients. This food contains calcium and chitin to optimally support moulting process and maintaining a strong skin.

SL-aqua complete package

€38,80 €32,50

The SL-aqua complete shrimp food package contains 1x 30 grams of snowflakes, 1x 30 grams of vegetable, 1x 30 grams of meat and 1x 30 grams of white. With this complete package you can easily try all shrimp food from SL-aqua at a cheaper price.

SL-aqua More Baby Shrimp


SL-aqua More Baby Shrimp is a complete food for all newborn and juvenile shrimps. This food contains everything that shrimps need in their first phase of life in order to grow properly. Content: 40 grams.

SL-aqua magic powder


SL-aqua magic powder ensures the growth of good bacteria and micro-organisms. These serve as long-term food for (young) shrimp and support the overall balance in the aquarium. Also ensures a faster start for the aquarium! Content: 40 or 100 grams.

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