Temperature in the aquarium is an important parameter, it is therefore important to keep an contants eye on it.

Our thermometers show the temperature very precisely (+- 0,1 degree).

Glass thermometer


Glass thermometer with suction cup for easy attachment to the aquarium glass. With temperature indication between 0 and 42 degrees.

Glass thermometer


Glass thermometer with a measuring range of 0-50 ° C. Equipped with a suction cup that is suitable for acidic and alkaline water.

BLAU Glass hang on thermometer


Hang on thermometer with a sleek and elegant design for not disturbing the appearance of your aquascape. Available for max. glass thickness of 6 or 8 cm.

Digital thermometer


Digital thermometer for measuring the temperature in the aquarium. Easy to read with a digital display.

Dennerle nano thermometer

€4,95 €2,75

The glass thermometer Nano Therm for mini aquariums can be easily attached to the aquarium pane thanks to the suction cup and is easy to read. It is only 6.5 cm long and very accurate.