Active soil aquarium

Active pH lowering soils reduce the KH and pH. This makes aquarium water soft and slightly acidic. These are the ideal conditions to keep and breed freshwater shrimp.

GlasGarten Environment soil


Glasgarten environment soil is an active soil. Glasgarten environment soil stabilizes the pH-value to about 5.5-6.5. Also Glasgarten environment soil reduces the water hardness.

SL-aqua more nature black soil


SL-aqua more nature black soil is a black pH-lowering soil with a grain size of 1.5-3.5 millimeters. This soil lowers the pH and kH in a natural way and in this way ensures optimal water values for Caridina shrimps, for example.



Top quality akadama. Double branded, hard grain. Is widely used in shrimp aquariums as pH-lowering soil. Size: 2-9 mm. 4,5 or 14 Liters.