BLAU terra activa soil brown

BLAU terra active soil brown is an active brown substrate that naturally lowers PH and waterhardness and thus creates optimal conditions for softwater plants and animals in your tank.Available in 2 and 8 liter.

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BLAU terra activa soil brown


BLAU terra active soil brown is an active brown substrate that naturally lowers PH (will be lowered to 5.5-6.5 depending on the parameters of the water you use) and waterhardness (below 2). As the pH remains stable using the terra active soil optimal conditions are created for softwater plant and animals
  • Creates optimal conditions for rooting and growth of aquatic plants
  • Perfect for the maintenance and reproduction of freshwater shrimp
  • Recommended for midly acidic water fish, allowing their introduction the same day
  • Creates slightly acidic water conditions, optimum for plants and aquatic animals
  • Does not release ammonia into the water, avoiding algae outbreaks
  • Decreases water hardness
  • Long-lasting granule mantains its quality longer and does not break
  • Provides for a long period of time the essential plant nutrients
  • Crystal clear water due its ability to capture and retain water colloidal particles
Instructions of use
  • Do not rinse before use
  • Spread the substrate evenly, or create your individual layout
  • Fill in water carefully and slowly Note: In order to avoid upsetting the substrate when filling in water it is recommendable to use a small plate or something comparable to break the water stream

Hints and tips
  • Blau terra activa soil is also suitable for use with undergravel filters
  • Do not use if you plan on keeping fish that like to dig or burrow in the ground. On fish like that, permanently turbid water might be the result
  • Not suitable for fish, shrimps or plants that need a high pH
  • A slight turbidity of the water after setting up the aquarium will cease after a short
  • Time given that the filter works properly, and the water will be crystal clear afterwards
  • Keep the bag closed, prevent the substrate from drying out

Available in 2 and 8 liter.
Carla 10-03-2023 15:33

Hele fijne bodem! Totaal geen gruis of verkleuring van het water. De iets grijs/bruine kleur geeft een mooi contrast met de beplanting.

Danique Uiterwijk 16-03-2021 16:09

Vind het fijn werken. Planten doen het goed.

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