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Eheim air diffuser air pump 100/200/400


The eheim air diffuser has been specially designed to degrade air in very small bubbles. This ensures optimal absorption of oxygen into the aquarium.

Tool holder


Never lose your aquarium tools anymore! With this tool holder you will never forget where your tools are, and you have them always with the right aquarium.

Macro lens for smartphone


With this macro lens you can get the most out of the camera of your smartphone. Helps create beautiful pictures of the aquarium and the animals.

Uv selection lamp


With this UV selection light you can easily select shrimp on their white intensity. It is also easy to separate males and females from each other.

Spare Airlift for undergravelfilter


Spare Airlift for undergravelfilter.

Filtermat 100 x 55 x 0.5 cm


With this filtermat you can use the entire bottom of the aquarium is a biological filter. Soil filters are ideal for keeping shrimps.

Calibration fluid ph meter


Calibration solution for your pH-meter. Suitable for every type of pH-meter. Very easy to create with 250 ml of water. It is recommended to calibrate the pH-meter 3 times a year to ensure reliable values.

Little shrimp shelter


These shrimp 'roses' are used as a shelter and feeding place for small shrimp. Increases the survival rate of small shrimp considerably.

AmaNO Dome


This feed dome does now allows large (japonica) XL shrimp to run away with shrimpfood. Comes in white color.

Planaria trap


With this Planaria trap you can catch Planaria and other worms without using chemicals. Works simply and effectively.

Aquarium pad


Aquarium and terrarium underlay, prevents tension in the glass and compensates for uneven floors. Belongs under every aquarium! Available in different widths.