Our own brand aquarium leaves are leaves of excellent quality that can be used in all aquariums. Leaves have many useful functions within the aquarium:

  • Increases the survival rate of young animals
  • Provides feed over a long period of time
  • Works preventing against bacteria and diseases
  • Slightly acidifying the water
  • Gives the aquarium a natural look

Catappa leaves 12-18cm


Cattapa leaves (also known as Ketapang-, almond-, Terminalia- or sea almondtree leaves) have been taken from the Sea Almondtree. These leaves are A-rated quality! Packed per 10 pieces.

Catappa leaves 18-28 cm


Catappa leaves reduce the pH, have an antibacterial effect, prevent diseases, etc. Also very suitable as a supplementary feed for shrimp. Length 18-28 centimeters. packed per 10 pieces.

Walnut leaves


Walnut leaves are a real delicacy for shrimp. Also, the leaves are healthy complementary feeding and giving off anti-bacterial substances.

Stinging Nettle Leaves


Stinging nettle leaves are very well suited as a natural food for shrimp and crayfish and are certainly one of the most popular natural feed.

Guava leaves budget


Our guava leaves are ideal as supplementary food for freshwater shrimp and other invertebrates in the aquarium. 10 pcs.

Mulberry leaves budget


Our mulberry leaves can be used as supplementary food for freshwater shrimp and other invertebrates in the aquarium. The leaves form a healthy snack with a high content of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Content: +- 10 grams.

Banana leaves


The banana leaves we sell are 100% natural, untreated and entirely manually processed. Banana leaves have disease resistant properties and even can be used for healing purposes.

Catappa leaf tea bags 10 pcs


These catappa leaf tea bags have all the benefits of catappa leaves, without the organic waste from the leaves themselves. 2 sizes available.

Black water mix


'Blackwater' is the term used to describe the kind of water found in the natural habitat of some acidic water fishes such as bettas, gouramies, killifish and arowanas. Create your own using this Blackwater-mix.

Moringa leaves


The moringa leaves offer the aquarist a very nutritious and natural food for shrimp, crabs and catfish.
The high content of various vitamins, minerals and trace elements makes moringa leaves in combination with their high protein content a particularly v

Birch leaves


The leaves of the Birch provide important ingredients such as Humines, flavonoids and saphonins. Especially the two latter in the Birch leaves have a weak antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, which is the aquarium, or microbiology and thus also the

Teak leaves


Teak leaves have the same effect as catappa leaves but without the brown discolouration of the water. Releases disease inhibitors and is an excellent food source for shrimp. 6-7 Leaves (25 grams).