Catappa leaf tea bags 10 pcs

These catappa leaf tea bags have all the benefits of catappa leaves, without the organic waste from the leaves themselves. 2 sizes available.

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Catappa leaf tea bags 10 pcs

It is long known that catappa leaves have positive effects in the aquarium. The leaves create a natural looking aquarium, they serve as food for shrimp, crayfish and other bottom feeders. Also the leaves prevent diseases from happening in the aquarium. Catappa leaves have a anti bacterial function.

In particular the substances which the leaves give off, have the positive effects that everyone wants. These substances reduce the pH of the aquarium water and help preventing against bacteria and fungi that cause diseases.

It is difficult to work with leaves if you do not fish, shrimp or crayfish in the aquarium that eat the leaves. Then the leaves couse a greater load on the filter and the water. This catappa tea bags offer the ideal solution. You can hang the bags in the aquarium or hide it easily in the the filter. This way, you benefit from all the positive effects without the catappa leaves pollute your water and filter.

Of course, these pouches can also be used when animals are present in the aquarium that eat the leaves. You can use the bags easily to add more positive substances or make your own catappa leaf extract.


1 gram bags (size m)> 1 bag per 4 liters of aquarium water. Replace bags after two weeks.
3 gram bags (size L)> 1 bag per 50 liters of aquarium water. Replace bags after two weeks.
Create your own catappa leaf extract
Put three medium or one large catappa leaf tea bag in 1 liter of water. Boil the water for 10 to 15 minutes and then let it cool. You can now remove the tea bags and pour the brown liquid in a bottle. 1 liter catappa leaf extract is sufficient for 50 liters of aquarium water.
Letter Mail
The catappa leaf tea bags can be send by letter. 10 Medium bags weigh 25 grams and 10 Large bags weigh 75 grams. Shipping by letter mail is possuble up to 200 grams.

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