Catappa bark round budget

Large pieces of round catappa bark. These pieces are much larger and heavier than the round catappa bark of tantora. +- 13 cm long and +- 2,5 cm in diameter. Thick bark!

Quantity: 220

Catappa bark round budget

Catappa HAS long bone used in aquariums for his disease resistance and healing effects. Prevention is always better than cure.

These pieces catappa bark are much larger and heavier than the bark of tantora. These also give off the disease resistance and healing substances much longer. The substances in the thick bark will be released slowly, so the animals can benefit very long.

Beside the positive properties, these pieces of bark form also a good shelter for shrimp and crayfish. The catappa bark can just lie around after it is used up. The shrimp and crayfish can then continue to enjoy the catappa bark as a hideout.


+ - 13 Centimeters long
+ - 2.5 Centimeters in diameter
+ - 30-50 Gram


1 piece of bark is sufficient for 75-100 liters of aquarium water (can be reduced in size with a saw). Working time is 4 months.

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