Shrimp capturing nets

Shrimp safe nets are designed to catch aquarium shrimp in an easy and secure manner.

Shrimp dip net


With this dip net it’s very easy to catch your shrimp out of the aquarium. The dip net is especially designed for catching shrimp.

Shrimp net with telescopic arm


This shrimp net is specially designed to capture shrimp in a safe and quick way. Available in round and square shape. Length: 24-50 centimeters. With telescopic arm.

SL-aqua SN-360 Aquarium Net


SN-360 Ultra durable aquarium net is designed for removing debris or transporting small animals in water.

SL-aqua wood grip shrimp net


Designed for removing debris following a trim or transporting small aquatic animals, the shrimp nets from SL Aqua are the perfect tool to keep in the everyday aquarist's toolbox.

HS Aqua fishing net fine


HS Aqua fishing in 8, 10, 12.5, 15 and 20 centimeter