Medicines for the aquarium

Aquarium mediacation is used for the removal of pests and unwanted inhabitants like Planaria and other worms. Besides this cind of medication we also have bacteria and deseasy killers.

Flubenol 5%


Flubenol 5% is a medicine that is widely used kill worms, hydra and snails in the aquarium/pond. Works quickly and is very effective!

Biomax NO planaria


Biomax NO planaria frees your aquarium from planaria and hydra and other worms in just 3 days. Biomax NO planaria is harmless to shrimps and crayfish and works very effectively without affecting aquarium bacteria or water parameters.

SL-aqua Z1 aquarium bio protector


SL-aqua Z1 aquarium bio protector ensures rapid removal of planaria and hydra from the aquarium. The product is entirely made from natural, plant-based ingredients and is completely safe for shrimp.

Shrimps Forever Ex-it


Shrimps Forever Ex-it frees your aquarium from planaria, hydra and snails in 1 or 2 treatments. Shrimps Forever Ex-it is safe for shrimps and crayfish. Works quickly and effectively.

Sera baktopur direct


Sera baktopur direct can be used as a remedy for bacterial infections by shrimp. Sera baktopur direct is often used as a replacement for JBL furanol, which may no longer be sold in the Netherlands. Available in 8, 24 and 100 tablets.

Biomax beta G


Biomax beta G is a product which prevents bacterial diseases, fungal infections and moulting problems. Every shrimp owner should have Biomax beta G at their disposal to stop or prevent problems at an early stage.

GlasGarten snail safe


GlasGarten Snail Safe prevents your snails from venturing too far from the aquarium and being damaged by falling or drying out outside. Content: 25ml.

Sera snail trap


The sera snail collect is excellently suited for reducing strongly multiplying snails in aquariums. Snails are lured into the trap by some bait. Their way back is blocked by pins.

Planaria trap


With this Planaria trap you can catch Planaria and other worms without using chemicals. Works simply and effectively.

Sera Toxivec


Sera Toxivec immediately removes ichthyotoxic ammonia and nitrite and binds heavy metals such as lead and copper. First aid in aquariums. Available in 50 and 100ml.

SL Aqua Z3 Black Beard Algae Remover


SL Aqua Z3 BBA is a fresh water black beard algae remover that can help to get rid of filamentous algae, brown algae, blue algae and black beard algae. The special formula can slow down the metabolism of algae and eradicate the spores.