Shrimps Forever liquid GH+ - Tht 03-2019

€9,95 €3,95

Shrimps Forever liquid GH+ is used to add to osmosis and/or rainwater so you get the right minerals and water parameters for Caridina shrimp. Just adds GH without increasing the KH or affect the pH. Content: 130 milliliters.

Shrimps Forever Black water - tht 03-2019

€8,75 €4,25

Shrimps Forever Black water extract is rich in natural humus and fulvoic acids that occur in the natural environment of shrimps, crayfish and fish. Works effective against bacteria, fungi and algae. Content: 130 milliliters.

BorneoWild Crimson

€15,95 €11,95

BorneoWild Crimson is a food supplement that enhances the red coloration in Caridina shrimps. Crimson is a blend of natural minerals and color enhancers which together stimulate the formation of the red pigment.

BorneoWild White

€15,95 €11,95

BorneoWild White is a supplement of various minerals, vitamin and micronutrients for shrimps that promotes healthy white stripes, general color development and shell thickening.

BorneoWild Minerum

€15,95 €11,95

BorneoWild Minerum contains a rich dose of essential trace elements that helps the shrimp to moult safely and at the same time and strengthens the shell.

€14,90 €12,95

BorneoWild Pumpkin

€17,95 €13,50

BorneoWild pumpkin is shrimp feed made from 100% hokkaido pumpkin. This pumpkin is rich in nutrients and minerals, and thereby support the growth and natural coloring of shrimp.

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