HS-aqua Clear


HS aqua Clear is a binding agent used to clarify aquarium water. Tiny floating particles which are too small for the filter are formed into a clump by HS aqua Clear. The coarser particles which have now formed are suitable for filtration from the water. T

HS-aqua Procell


HS aqua Procell is a water additive that transforms aggressive tap water into water suitable for tropical fish.
It protects fishes' sensitive mucus layer and binds chlorine and heavy metals.

HS-aqua Easycell


HS aqua Easycell provides a good water quality. Next to it, HS aqua Easycell reduces the start-up time of new aquaria, removes Ammonia and heavy metals, improves plant growth, juvenile fish grows faster, corals grow better, prevents algae growth, distress

HS-aqua Bacto


HS aqua Bacto is a bacterial start culture that shortens the start-up time of aquariums. The useful bacteria in HS aqua Bacto break down waste products (remnants from food and plants and fish waste) and convert them into a source of nutrition for aquarium

HS-aqua Bacto Turbo


A new aquarium start-up is always exiting and you would prefer to introduce directly fish into the aquarium. Before HS aqua Bacto Turbo this was not possible because the traditional filter starter bacteria need two weeks to fully develop. 

HS-aqua Denibac


HS aqua Denibac is a double-action bacteria culture. Remnants from plant nutrition products (nitrate) are extracted from water (denitrifying bacteria) and humus and sludge are broken down. In this way, HS aqua Denibac cleans your aquarium and prevents or

HS-aqua pH/KH Minus


HS aqua pH/KH Minus lowers excessively high pH-and KH-levels in aquariums.

HS-aqua Oak bark extract


HS aqua Oak Extract is used to lower pH-levels. At the same time, humic acids protect the sensitive mucuslayer of your fish from harmful environmental influences. HS aqua Oak Extract is ideal for fishes originating from tropical soft water areas. HS aqua

HS-aqua Rio negro


Content: 150/350 ml.

HS-aqua Fishguard


HS aqua Fish Guard activates the immune system and helps to maintain good health. Fish Guard can be used preventively to boost the resistance of ornamental fish.

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