Air hose connector 4mm


Strong air hose connector for connecting the air hose 4-6mm.

Safety valve 4/6 mm


Diameter: 4/6 mm. Safety valve for air- & CO2-tube

Airstone 4mm


Airstone 2,5 * 1,5 cm. Connection for a 4/6 mm hose.

Hose connector 90º 4/6 mm


Strong air hose connector for connecting the air hose 4-6mm in a 90º angle.

Ebi Oxygenius airstone


With this airstone you will ensure more oxygen release within the aquarium and achieve a healthy and balanced oxygen balance. Available in 13 and 26 cm.

Eheim air diffuser air pump 100/200/400


The eheim air diffuser has been specially designed to degrade air in very small bubbles. This ensures optimal absorption of oxygen into the aquarium.

Air flow controller chrome


Control the flow of vital CO2 or oxygen from your pond aerator or aquarium air pump with this handy air flow controller. Available in 1/2/3/4/5/6/12/18 way. Fit 4mm/6mm standard aquarium air line/tubing.

Airstone Turtle 4MM

€1,25 €0,95

Airstone Turtle 42 x 54mm

Dennerle nano hose guide


The dennerle hose guide is an elegant means of installing the co2 hose without kinking. For all pipes with 6 mm external diameter.