Other aquarium plants

Aquarium plants. On this page you will find many types of aquarium plants for an inexpensive price.

Phyllanthus fluitans


Phyllanthus fluitans is a floating plant part of the Phyllanthaceae family. he water repellent, heart shaped leaves hide the stem which can sometimes give life to white flowers with six petals.

Salvinia natans


Salvinia natans is a cosmopolitic floating fern, 1-3 cm, that grows quickly if there is sufficient nutrition and light.

Microsorum on lava stone


Nice piece of microsorum bound on lava stone. Needs no further treatment before adding in the aquarium. Very strong plant for the aquarium.

Anubias on lavastone


Anubias is an attractive plant which thrives in all conditions. The rhizome will be 10-15 cm or more. The best result is achieved by planting on a stone or tree root.

Bucephalandra 'Wavy Green' on lava stone


Bucephalandra 'Wavy Green' is an easy, slow-growing plant that prefers lower light levels. A nice, dense appearance is ensured by the willingness to branch, even without trimming. The green leaves are 2 cm wide and 5 cm long with wavy edges. Tiny white sp

Nymphoides aquatica - Banana plant


The banana plant (Nymphoides aquatica) is a nice plant that does well under all circumstances (temperature must be lower than 28 degrees).