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Flake feed basic


The flake feed basic proves particularly useful in multi-species tanks. It can be used for everyday feeding of most popular omnivorous fish.

Flake feed basic tropical


Flake feed basic tropical is specially composed to meet the needs of tropical (young) fish. Contains slightly more protein than regular flake feed basic.

Flake feed color enhancer


This flake feed is specially composed to enhance the natural coloring of fish and contributes to the good health of the fish.

Flake feed vegetable


This flake feed is composed of vegetable products. Ideally suited for herbivorous fish. Has an high nutritional value for optimal growth and health.

Flake feed protein


This flake feed contains an high content of proteins and fatty acids. Specially developed for the carnivorous fish.

Flake feed spirulina 36%


Flake feed with an high content (36%) spirulina. 100% Vegetable feed which enhance colors and contribute to an good growth and health.

Spirulina granulat


Spirulina granulat is composed of the best plant products and consist for 6% out of spirulina. Suitable for all fish.

Algae wafers


These algae wafers are the ideal food for bottom feeders and are rich in plant materials and spirulina. Suitable for daily use.

Mini wafers spirulina


Complete feed for ornamental herbivorous fish at the bottom of the aquarium in the form of sinking discs. It contains spirulina, spinach and a wide range of other natural ingredients in an optimally balanced ratio of all important substances, especially p

Garlic tablets


Ingredient-rich sinking tablets with garlic (5%) for the daily feeding of omnivorous fish. Available in 50 and 250ml.