Seeds and seed carriers

Seeds and seed carriers are not yet widely used in aquariums, but are more and more increasing in popularity. Rightly so because these are full of good tannins and are ideal to create natural shelters and habitats.
More and more seeds and seer carriers are beïng discovered that can be used in the aquarium. These are all full of tannins (natural acids) which help against bacteria and diseases.
Besides that do seeds and seed carriers give the aquarium a natural look. All can be used in biotope-aquascapes and can be used to make shelters in the aquarium. Mix a few seeds and seed carriers to get a nice natural aquarium for its inhabitants.

Savu pod / Jequitiba 6-9cm


The savu pods grow on the Brazilian Cariniana legalis tree. The savu pods have a similar effect on the water parameters as the catappa products. The Savu pods have a length of 6-9 centimeters.

Trompeta pods


Trompeta pods are perfect natural hiding places for the small fish and shrimps. The pods are rich in natural tannins and tannic acids that slightly increases acidity of the water and therefor are affective against harmful bacteria and fungi.

Canoinhas pods 10-14cm


Canoinhas pods are not yet widely used in aquariums but are full of good substances (tannins). Canoinhas pods are ideal for use in biotope aquariums and serve as excellent natural hiding places.

Badam nut 5-8cm


The Badam nut is the little brother of the Buddha nut. Where the Buddha nut is 8-12 centimeters, the Badam nut remains somewhat smaller with a length of 5-8 centimeters. The ideal hiding place for shrimps and small fish.

Lotus pod 6-8cm


The lotus pods have several small holes where shrimps can hide in and find food. The lotus pods contain natural tannins and tannic acids that slightly acidify the water.

Chapeuzinho pods 5-10cm


The Chapeuzinho pods are from the Amazon and serve natural hiding places within the aquarium. The Chapeuzinho pods look a bit like a large acorn shell and release good substances (tannins and tannins) into the water. 5-10CM in diameter.

Cocos pods 6-8cm


The cocos pods 6-8cm are the ideal natural hiding place for shrimp and crayfish in the aquarium. These cocos pods are also full of good tannins and humic acids that slightly lower the pH and help prevent diseases and bacteria.

Sororoca flower 9-14cm


The Sororoca flower is a dried seed carrier that resembles the shell of a beech nut. The Sororoca flower has a thick skin and therefore releases tannins into the water for a very long time. This is also the ideal shelter for your shrimp, crayfish and smal

Sapucainha pod


The Sapucainha pod is a woody pod that is ideal for use in the aquarium. Due to its structure and shape, shrimps, crayfish and small fish can find shelter inside the pods. Available in 2 sizes: 4-7cm / 11-13cm.



Strobiles have many positive effects. Strobiles gives off tannins that reduce the KH in a natural way. Content: 30 pcs.

Half coconut 8-10cm


The half coconut is easy to use within the aquarium and can still be finished as desired (holes/plants). The half coconut provides natural hiding places and the addition of good substances (tannins and humic acids) to the water. Size: 8-10 centimeters.

Bell Cups

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Size: 3-4 cm