Driftwood has long been used in aquariums. Wood is full of good tannins that help prevent diseases and bacteria. In addition, wood is a feeding ground for shrimp and it also serves as a natural shelter.
In the aquarium a natural biofilm will grow on the wood. This biofilm will form a constant feeding source for (young) shrimp and other animals. This biofilm is constantly available which is important for young animals to survive.

Cholla wood


Cholla wood is great for aquarium shrimp and other invertebrates. Cholla wood is full of natural nutrients.

Trunk Tree


Complete tree-trunk shape piece with roots, it is perfect to create brilliant compositions of emerged or submerge tree forests. Content: 1 piece.



Spiderwood is wood with an rough structure and a natural look. These pieces have an length of 15-25 centimeters.

Mopani wood


Mopani wood is wood from Africa. Mopani wood has a nice texture with different colors of wood. Pieces of 15-25 centimeters.