All plants need a diverse range of different nutrients in order to grow and flourish. The absence of only one vital element is sufficient to stunt plant growth. They may develop visible symptoms such as poor growth and pale, yellow leaves. Their natural resistance to infection declines and algae start to form on the leaves.
The situation with regard to nutrients in an aquarium is quite an unusual one: some nutrients, introduced in the form of fish food, are present in surplus quantities (phosphates, nitrates). Other nutrients are either consumed rapidly, or are not present at all. For example, tap water contains no iron – one of the most important trace elements. A good aquarium fertilizer will fill these nutrient gaps exactly as required.

Dennerle has a wide range of products to get the best out of your aquarium plants.

Dennerle Plant Elixir Basic


Plant Elixir Basic provides a universal nutrient supply for all planted aquariums. Figuratively speaking, it is the all-rounder among aquarium plant fertilizers. Plant Elixir Basic is ideal for all normal, planted community aquariums. Content: 250 or 500m

Dennerle Plant Care Pro


Plant Care Pro is a high-performance fertilizer for all heavily planted aquaria with good to very good growth conditions (plenty of light and CO2 addition). Content: 250 or 500ml.

Dennerle Plant Care Pro Daily


In Plant Care Pro Daily, the nutrients are not chelated or only slightly chelated. The advantage of this is that the plant can absorb them quickly. Content: 100 ml.

Dennerle Plant System V30


Dennerle Plant System V30 is a complete fertilizer for large, demanding plant aquaria. Content: 250 or 500 ml.

Dennerle Plant System S7


Dennerle Plant System S7 are vital substances for large, demanding plant aquaria. Content: 250 or 500 ml.

Dennerle Plant System E15


Dennerle Plant System E15 is an iron fertilizer for large, demanding plant aquaria. Content: 20, 40 or 100 tablets.

Dennerle Plant System Set


This fertilizer set was specially developed for heavily planted community aquariums. Content: 100 ml Plant System S7, 100 ml Plant System V30 and 20 tablets Plant System E15.

Dennerle Dosator


Aquarium plants need a regular supply of nutrients for strong, healthy growth. Aquaria are usually fertilised on a weekly schedule, which means that larger quantities of fertiliser are added at regular intervals.
With a Dosator, your aquarium plants are

Dennerle All in One Elixier


Dennerle All in One Elixier: the aquarium easy-care for fish, shrimp, plants, filter and water. Ideal during the start-up phase of every aquarium.

Dennerle Daily Fertilizer


Dennerle Daily Fertilizer is a complete fertilizer for magnificant plants in your mini aquarium.