All plants need a diverse range of different nutrients in order to grow and flourish. The absence of only one vital element is sufficient to stunt plant growth. They may develop visible symptoms such as poor growth and pale, yellow leaves. Their natural resistance to infection declines and algae start to form on the leaves.
The situation with regard to nutrients in an aquarium is quite an unusual one: some nutrients, introduced in the form of fish food, are present in surplus quantities (phosphates, nitrates). Other nutrients are either consumed rapidly, or are not present at all. For example, tap water contains no iron – one of the most important trace elements. A good aquarium fertilizer will fill these nutrient gaps exactly as required.

Dennerle has a wide range of products to get the best out of your aquarium plants.

Dennerle V30 complete


Dennerle V30 Complete fills nutrient gaps in a targeted manner, strengthens the plants from the inside out and helps with growth stagnation. In 50 and 100 ml.

Dennerle S7 VitaMix


The vitamin complex concentrate S7 VitaMix provides the plants with all the necessary vitamins and other vital substances needed in the short term. In 50 and 100 ml.

Dennerle Dosator


Aquarium plants need a regular supply of nutrients for strong, healthy growth. Aquaria are usually fertilised on a weekly schedule, which means that larger quantities of fertiliser are added at regular intervals.
With a Dosator, your aquarium plants are

Dennerle E15 FerActiv


Dennerle E15 FerActiv iron fertilizer provides all aquarium plants with divalent nutrient iron that they can use immediately, thereby ensuring a beautiful, fresh green colour.

Dennerle Perfect Plant system set


The recipe for success from Europe's big aquarium plants nursery. Three components for magnificent, strong aquarium plants: V30 complete fertiliser, S7 trace elements and E 15 iron fertiliser.

Dennerle All in One Elixier


Dennerle All in One Elixier: the aquarium easy-care for fish, shrimp, plants, filter and water. Ideal during the start-up phase of every aquarium.

Dennerle Plant Elixer


The introduction to the world of Dennerle plant care. Dennerle Plant Elixer for lush green, healthy leaves and intense, bright colours.

Dennerle Deponit Nutriballs


Deponit NutriBalls are the universal nutrient depot for all aquarium plants that take in their nutrients predominantly via their roots.

Dennerle Plantagold 7


PlantaGold 7 is a special bio-enzyme compound for even more growing power in the aquarium. PlantaGold 7 helps even beautiful plants flourish even more. Even in aquaria with sparse plant growth, despite fertilisation, it recreates a growth-friendly environ

Dennerle Power Tabs


Power Tabs supply aquarium plants with all the important nutrients they need for healthy, lush growth - ideal for heavily rooted species. All nutrients are in a form directly available to the plants with immediate and lasting effects. Valuable trace eleme

Dennerle Carbo Booster Max


Dennerle Carbo Booster Max supply all aquarium plants with readily available carbon. Accelerates growth and visible results within a few weeks.

Dennerle Carbo Elixier Bio


Carbo Elixier Bio supply all aquarium plants with readily available carbon. This bio variant is based on purely natural ingredients with potassium, iron, manganese and boron.

Dennerle Daily Fertilizer


Dennerle Daily Fertilizer is a complete fertilizer for magnificant plants in your mini aquarium.