Söchting oxydator aquarium

A oxydator brings pure oxygen into the aquarium. This pure oxygen helps to break down of harmful substances in the aquarium. This extra oxygen is also a kind of ''insurance''. If the power ever goes out, or something gets broken, the oxidator ensures that the aquarium is still supplied with oxygen that keeps the animals alive. Söchting offers the highest quality in oxydators.

Oxydator XL (W)


The XL oxydator from söchting is suitable for aquariums and ponds from 400 to 4000 liters. This oxydator ensures that the pond / aquarium is supplied with pure oxygen, which among other things helps in the conversion of waste products.

Catalyst stone oxydator mini


This catalyst is suitable for the Söchting oxydator type mini. This stone ensures that the reaction takes place in the oxydator, without getting used.



The Söchting Carbonator delivers pure CO2 for your aquatic plants with a unique combination of advantages. 100% Bio- CO2.

Refilling carbonator


This package contains two refills for the Söchting carbonator. Each refill allows for about a month operation of the carbonator.