Bark is often used in aquariums where no bottom feeders are present. The advantage of bark over leaves in the aquarium is that bark does not contaminate the water as much since it keeps it form and does not fall apart. Bark does still give off all the good tannins in the aquarium.

Catappa bark round budget


Large pieces of round catappa bark. These pieces are much larger and heavier than the round catappa bark of tantora. +- 13 cm long and +- 2,5 cm in diameter. Thick bark!

Tantora catappa bark round


The round bark gives off an antibacterial active substance for a long time which helps to prevent diseases. Contents: 2 pieces.

Cinnamon roll 12cm


Cinnamon rolls can be used in the aquarium and have an antibacterial effect. They are also good natural hiding places. 100% aquarium safe and very suitable for use with shrimps and small fish.

Aquamax cinnamon sticks


Aquamax cinnamon sticks are used in aquariums for their antibacterial effects. Available in two sizes: Nano and normal.