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Easy-Life blue exit


Blue Exit is the new way of getting rid of blue-green algae without using antibiotics or compounds which contain copper. Safe for shrimp!

Aquanova Sponge Filter S (hanging)


Sponge filter S (hanging) for an aquarium up to 30 liters. The sponge offers plenty of room for nitrifying bacteria. Super safe aquarium filter, without mechanical or moving parts which can kill (small) shrimp or fish.

Under gravel filter small


By using the whole bottom as an aquarium filter, large quantities of bacteria can live in the substrate which keeps your aquarium clean and balanced. Under gravel filters are ideal for keeping shrimp. This kit contains 12 panels and 1 riser pipe.

BOB sponge filter MAXI


The double BOB sponge filter MAXI is a sponge filter that works with pump. The sponge filter is attached to the glass with suction cups. Output: 170 liters per hour.

Sera No3 test


The Sera No3 (nitrate) test is to quickly and easily determine the nitrate level in your water. Good for +- 60 tests.

Sera NH4/NH3 test


Ammonium and ammonia mainly arise from fish waste. While ammonium is mostly harmless, ammonia is toxic to fish. Sufficient for approx. 60 measurements.

Sera Aqua-Test Box (+Cu)


With this Sera Aqua-Test Box you can easily determine a wide range of water parameters. Direct and reliable results. With this box you can determine nine different water parameters.

SaltyShrimp - Sulawesi Mineral 7,5


Sulawesi Mineral 7.5 contains all the essential trace minerals for optimal health, welfare and colors for the Sulawesi shrimp. Makes the pH value of the water to 7.5.

3 in 1 meter for hardness and temperature


This meter is an ec meter, tds meter and thermometer in 1. Measures the hardness in microsiemens and in ppm. Measures the temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Easy-Life Test strips 6 in 1


In order to achieve an optimal situation in an aquarium, it is extremely important to regularly test the water quality. The Easy-Life 6 in 1 Test Strips are quick to use and extremely accurate.

Sera No2 test


With the Sera No2 (nitrite) test it is easy to determine the No2 level of your water. Easy to use and instant results. Good for +- 75 tests.

Under gravel filter large


By using the whole bottom as an aquarium filter, large quantities of bacteria can live in the substrate which keeps your aquarium clean and balanced. Under gravel filters are ideal for keeping shrimp. This kit contains 32 panels and 2 riser pipes.

Catappa leaf tea bags 10 pcs


These catappa leaf tea bags have all the benefits of catappa leaves, without the organic waste from the leaves themselves. 2 sizes available.

Sera O2 test


The sera O2-Test monitors the actual oxygen level in the water within minutes and allows for acting in time up on oxygen deficiency.

SaltyShrimp - Black Water Powder SE/Fulvin+


Black Water Powder is a mix of valuable trace elements, humic and fulvic acids with a variety of beneficial properties for your aquarium and its inhabitants.

Sera kH test


Makes it easy to monitor the carbonate hardness in fresh and salt water. For approx. 390°dKH.

Sera Cl test


A small amount of chlorine in the aquarium water is not harmful, but higher concentrations can quickly lead to the death of shrimps, crayfish and fish. Good for +- 45 tests.

Mironekuton stones 300 gram


Mironekuton minerals stabilize the pH and therefore provides protection against dangerous pH decreases. Ideal in combination with pH-lowering substrate.

Glass thermometer


Glass thermometer with suction cup for easy attachment to the aquarium glass. With temperature indication between 0 and 42 degrees.

Sera Cu test


The Sera Cu (copper) test is to quickly and easily determine the copper level in your water. Good for +- 50 tests.

Mironekuton powder 150 gram


Mironekuton minerals improve water quality, increase the ion exchange capacity, and help the plants grow its root formation. Mironekuton powder has direct effect.

Shirakura liquid Mineral Ca+


Shirakura Liquid Mineral Ca+ provides aquarium water with vital minerals and trace elements and increases the total hardness (GH). Strengthens the structure of the shell.

SaltyShrimp - Easy Filter Powder


Easy Filter Powder is a natural, high-performance filtering powder that enables you to easily make your own liquid filter medium for conditioning and clearing up aquarium water.

Tantora Catappa leaves tea bags

€5,95 €2,95

Content: 20 pcs

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