3 in 1 meter for hardness and temperature

This meter is an ec meter, tds meter and thermometer in 1. Measures the hardness in microsiemens and in ppm. Measures the temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Article number: 01.1.2
Quantity: 24

3 in 1 meter for hardness and temperature


This meter is an ec meter, tds meter and thermometer in one.

With this meter, you can easily measure the hardness (conductivity) and measure the amount of dissolved solids in water (TDS). These parameters are very important when you keep shrimps or other animals which like softer water. With one push on the button, you can easily measure both values within seconds.

Also, this meter is equipped with a digital thermometer. This thermometer ensures not only that you can read the temperature digitally but also that the conductivity is automatically adjusted to the correct water temperature (ATC).

This meter is also suitable for testing the operation of the reverse osmosis unit!


'' Hold '' button for locking the value on the screen

Automatically shut-off after 5 minutes without use

Ec Range: 0-9990 us / cm

TDS Range: 0-5000 ppm

Temperature range: 0-80 degrees

+- 2% Accuracy

Letter mail

This product can be sent by letter and weighs 99 grams. Shipping by letter is possible up to 200gram.

Frederik Geldhof 14-04-2021 12:49

Must have.

bart maes 06-03-2021 18:58

is duidelijk en makkelijk in gebruik ook correcte levering en prijs

Anthony Van Poucke 02-05-2020 13:14

Eenvoudig en handig in gebruik!

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Kees Bakker 19-02-2020 18:00

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Pim Reedijk 01-12-2019 18:17

Snelle levering,goed product. Ik had op perongeluk wat dubbel besteld. Zonder problemen opgelost .Top

RM van van Eldik 20-10-2019 11:46

handig te gebruiken

R Janssen 01-05-2019 15:32

Doet wat hij moet doen. Makkelijk in gebruik.

Martin Koops 21-02-2018 17:27

Ideaal apparaatje. Klein en handig. Makkelijk in gebruik.

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