Dennerle nano care set

Complete Set containing Nano Water Conditioner, Nano Crusta-Fit und Nano Crusta Mineral. Content: 3x15ml

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Dennerle nano care set

Complete set containing:

Nano water conditioner

Makes tap water safe for mini aquaria

Special protection formula for shrimps, crabs and crayfish

  • Neutralises dangerous chlorine immediately
  • Binds toxic heavy metals such as copper, zinc and lead
  • Adds natural bio-active ingredients and care substances

Nano Crusta fit

Crusta Fit provides shrimps, crayfish, etc. with essential vitamins, trace elements and other vital substances. The Crusta-Care-Complex, especially developed by Dennerle, creates the best conditions for a long, healthy life and vibrant colours.

Dexpanthenol protects the particularly delicate skin during the moulting phase and promotes the healing of minor injuries.
Bioactive calcium promotes problem-free moulting and a strong new shell.
The balanced multivitamin complex and special immune stimulators strengthen the body's defences.

Nano Crusta mineral

Multi-mineral product with valuable natural montmorillonite clay

  • With bio-active calcium and magnesium for problem-free moulting, healthy growth and a strong exoskeleton
  • To boost the white colouring of all Caridina and Neocaridina varieties                           
  • Clears and cleans the aquarium water, binds harmful substances


Content: 3x15 ml



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