The Söchting Carbonator delivers pure CO2 for your aquatic plants with a unique combination of advantages. 100% Bio- CO2.

Refilling carbonator


This package contains two refills for the Söchting carbonator. Each refill allows for about a month operation of the carbonator.

Ziss CO2 generator


Ziss CO2 ZC-II is the completely new patented carbon dioxide generator by chemical neutralization. CO2 generation speed can be controlled by the speed control valve. If you use our Ziss ZCR-160 generation kit, the amount of CO2 generation is around 160g,

Dennerle CO2 Plant Fertilizer Bio-set


Complete set containing CO2 bottle with CO2 Control Gel and starter capsule, Micro-Flipper, Bottle support, CO2 hose and Bubble counter.

Refill Dennerle CO2 Plant Fertilizer Bio-set


Refill for Dennerle CO2 Plant Fertilizer Bio-set

Tropica CO2 System Bio


CO2 is the most important nutrient for plants. Without a CO2 supply, the plants will not thrive. CO2 System Bio is a simple solution that adds extra CO2 to the plants in the aquarium. For aquariums up to 60 liter.

Tropica CO2 System Bio Refill


Refill for Tropica CO2 System Bio. For 60 days.