Shrimps forever shrimp feed is of the best quality and support shrimps in their growth, health and breeding. The shrimp feed is made from only the best organic ingredients that support all shrimp processes.

This feed contains, for example, sufficient proteins for cell construction, sufficient minerals for the moulting and astaxanthin for colouring. Providing your shrimp with the right food prevents disease and reduces stress.

Shrimps forever has a full line with complete to supplementary shrimp feed of the highest quality.

Shrimps Forever try package


Shrimps Forever try package with 5 x 5 grams of the best selling shrimp feed. Ideal to discover which feed is best for your shrimp. Shrimps Forever stands for high quality and is made from 100% natural ingredients.

Shrimps Forever try package XL


With the Shrimps Forever try package XL you get 9 x 5 grams from the feed products of Shrimps Forever. Ideal to see what your shrimps like. Shrimps Forever stands for good quality and honest products made from 100% natural ingredients.

Shrimps forever complete


Shrimps forever complete is a complete shrimp feed containing all the essential minerals and nutrients that shrimp need. Consists of 100% natural ingredients that support health, color and breeding. Content: 30 grams.

Shrimps forever daily feed


Shrimps forever daily feed is 100% natural feed with extra vitamins. This shrimp feed is complete and suitable for daily use. Daily feed contains additional vitamins and fibers for good digestion and color development. Content: 30 grams.

Shrimps forever snowflakes


Shrimps forever snowflakes are high quality snowflakes that are extremely nutritious for shrimps. Snowflakes are made of soybean peels and are a real nutritious shrimp snack. Content: 50 grams.

Shrimps forever barley mix


Shrimps forever barley mix is a feed mix of different cereal and straw products. Barley supplies shrimps with both short and long term feed. Barley also prevents algae formation in the aquarium. Content: 50 grams.

Shrimps forever natural veggy pellet


Shrimps forever natural veggy pellets are 100% natural feed sticks for shrimps that consist entirely of vegetables. These sticks are completely free of additives and 100% healthy for aquarium shrimps. Content: 50 grams.

Shrimps forever natural bean pellet


Shrimps forever natural bean pellets are made from 100% natural grains and soya hulls. This shrimp feed is providing an optimal natural support of growth, colour development and breeding of the shrimp. Content: 50 grams.

Shrimps forever growth


Shrimps forever growth is made to speed up shrimp growth and support the immune system. Due to high protein content and addition of minerals and enzymes, cell construction is fully supported. Content: 30 grams.

Shrimps forever color


Shrimps forever color is special shrimp feed to promote and support natural color development for shrimps. Made of 100% natural ingredients with addition of minerals. Content: 30 grams.

Shrimps forever mulberry


Shrimps forever mulberry is made from 100% natural mulberry leaves and is a real shrimp treat. Mulberry is rich in vitamins and fibers that shrimps need to a small extent during their growth. Content: 30 grams.

Shrimps forever spinach


Shrimps Forever Spinach is high-quality spinach shrimp feed that is full of good vitamins, minerals and silicates. Supports the health and moulting of shrimps. Content: 30 grams.

Shrimps Forever white


Shrimps Forever white is an additional shrimp feed which is used to strengthen the white colouration of shrimp. The addition of natural minerals increases pigmentation which intensifies the color coverage.

Shrimps forever baby


Shrimps forever baby is special shrimp feed in powder form, which offers baby shrimp everything for optimal growth from an early age. Starting early with good nutrition will lead to stronger shrimp at a later stage. Content: 20 grams.

Shrimps Forever speed growth


Shrimps Forever speed growth is a high-grade protein food to increase the growth rate of young and half mature shrimp. Besides accelerating the growth speed the coloration and healthy development are supported.

Shrimps Forever delight algae paste


Shrimps Forever delight algae paste is a complete paste feed for shrimp. This feed is made from a mix of different algae and vegetables. Natural minerals have been added for good moulting. Content: 50 grams.

Shrimps Forever delight mineral paste


Shrimps Forever delight mineral paste is feed which is made from natural minerals. These minerals support different shrimp processes and also provide a purifying and improving effect on water quality. Content: 50 grams.