Sera filtermedium

Sera Siporax mini


Sera siporax mini Professional was developed especially for smaller aquariums up to a volume of approximately 100 liters. It allows maximum increase of the settling surface for purification bacteria but has a compact shape at the same time.

Sera Siporax medium


The original sera siporax Professional is suitable for use in both freshwater and marine aquariums as well as in ponds. Not depending on the kind of filter (internal/external/trickle filter), it maximizes the surface required for biological purification.

Sera Siporax nitrat-minus


Sera siporax Nitrate-minus Professional is a high performance filter medium for biological nitrate breakdown with parallel breakdown of nitrite and ammonium. Denitrification is optimally enhanced by the bio polymer sphere matching the siporax ring.

Sera Crystal clear


The innovative, patented 3D fiber structure of sera crystal clear Professional very quickly removes even smallest particles above 10 µm (such as floating algae or sludge). Content: 12 pcs.

Sera Biofibres coarse


Sera biofibres for the biomechanical prefiltration effectively collect coarse dirt particles. Furthermore, they are ideally suitable for transporting shrimps – they provide a foothold for the animals in transport bags and thus ensure they encounter less s