HS-aqua filter medium aquarium

HS-aqua is Smulders' own line of high-quality filter media. The HS-aqua filter media products are all manufactured from the best raw materials for optimal filtration results. Complete range for both biological and chemical filtration.

HS-aqua Torogran


HS aqua Torogran is an enriching filter material. It allows a slight acidification and brownish coloration of the water to recreate the natural living conditions of tropical black water species. Content: 1000 ml.

HS-aqua Ceramic Rings


HS aqua Ceramic Rings (Ceramic Filter Tubes) are easy to clean and are excellently suited for use as filter material in biological filters. Content: 1000ml.

HS-aqua Bacto Rings


HS aqua Bacto Rings is a perfect housing substrate for useful, water cleaning bacteria.  Because of its porous structure the material more beneficial bacteria can attach so that more water can be cleaned with less filter volume than with comparable other

HS-aqua Bacto Stones


HS aqua Bacto Stones (old name = HS aqua Denilit) is a filter material made from highly porous natural lava stones.
Thanks to its micro-porous structure, HS aqua Bacto Stones is an excellent medium for growing wastedecomposing bacteria. Content: 1000ml.

HS-aqua Carbon Active


HS aqua Carbon is made from high-quality charcoal. HS aqua Carbon Activ is used in cases where a rapid removal of substances such as medication remnants is required. Content: 1000 ml.

HS-aqua Carbon Superactive L


HS aqua Carbon Superactiv S are pre-washed charcoal products that despite their extremely high capacity for absorption of colour, odour and toxic materials have very little effect on the other water quality parameters (e.g., pH-level). Content: 1000ml.

HS-aqua Zeolite


HS aqua Zeolite is a fast-acting filter material ideal for larger aquariums with varying biological loads. Content: 1000ml.

HS-aqua Algae Control


HS-aqua Algae Control is a mix between fine activated carbon and zeolite, which actively filter waste from the water. Algae use these waste products for growth, which actively inhibits and counteracts this. Content: 1000ml.