The Shrimps Forever Shrimp lolly's are a healthy snack for shrimps. These sticks are the ideal supplementary shrimp feed. All ingredients used for these shrimp lolly's are 100% natural and contain a lot of healthy nutrients.

By using only the best ingredients selected for the shrimp diet, these shrimp lolly's from an optimal support for the growth, color and breeding for your shrimp. A healthy snack that will be appreciated by your shrimps!

Shrimps forever shrimp lolly vegetable / algae


These shrimp lollipops are provided with a layer of food consisting of algae and different vegetables. The shrimp lollipops support the shrimps in growth and health. Made from 100% vegetable ingredients on a wooden stick.

Shrimps forever shrimp lolly spinach


The spinach lolly’s of Shrimps Forever are a healthy snack for all shrimps. The shrimps lolly’s support the shrimps in growth and health. Besides the spinach is rich of sillycates wich support the moult of your shrimps.

Shrimps forever shrimp lolly walnut


Shrimps forever shrimp lollipops walnut are made of 100% pure walnut leaves which are very healthy for your shrimp. These lollipops can be used as supplementary feed and fit well in the diet of all shrimp.

Shrimps forever shrimp lolly mineral


The minerals which have been used for these shrimp lolly’s are 100% pure and natural. Consuming small amounts of minerals will support the moult and the shrimps will built up a strong armor.

Shrimps forever shrimp lolly Proteïn


Shrimps forever shrimp lollipop Proteïn are THE healthy snacks for shrimp. Proteins are the buiding blocks of all living cells and always ensure that your shrimp can grow properly and healthy. Content: 10 pieces.

Shrimps forever shrimp lolly bee pollen


The bee pollen shrimp lollipops of Shrimps forever are a healthy snack for your shrimps. Bee pollen are rich in proteins and amino acids. These proteins and amino acids ensure good cell construction, which support shrimp growth, color and breeding.

Shrimps Forever shrimp lolly mix pack


Shrimps Forever shrimp lolly mix pack with 4 types of shrimp lollipops. This package contains 4 x lolly vegetable/algae and 2 x mineral, spinach and bee pollen. The ideal combination to try the 4 types of lollipops immediately!

Shrimps forever shrimp lolly astaxanthin


Shrimps forever shrimp lollipop astaxanthin are characteristic red shrimp lollipops with a high content of astaxanthin. Astaxanthin is the most powerful colour enhancer and will increase the color coverage, tighter lines and much clearer patterns. Content

Shrimps forever lolly package

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All known Shrimps forever lollipops in one advantageous package! The shrimp lollipops are the ideal, healthy, supplementary feed for your shimps. Since all shrimp lollipops are made from 100% natural ingredients, they are a responsible snack and heal...

Shrimp lolly holder


Especially designed to keep you shrimp-lollies upright.

Shrimp lolly holder - Varius Colors

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Especially designed to keep you shrimp-lollies upright.