Collar aPUMP Mini

The Collar aPUMP mini is together with the aPUMP the smallest air pump in the world. This air pump also produces relatively little noise, making this air pump very suitable for the use in small spaces. Suitable for aquariums up to 40 liters. The case diam

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Collar aPUMP Mini


The Collar aPUMP Mini is currently the smallest and quietest aquarium air pump in the world and is suitable for aquariums up to 40 liters. The case diameter is only 30 mm. The air pump is designed to enrich aquarium water with the most necessary and important element, oxygen. 

Due to the pressure created by the Collar aPUMP Mini, it is possible to use the aPUMP Mini in aquariums with a water level of up to 40 cm! Due to the patented technology, the noise level is less than 37 dB. Due to its small size and quiet operation, this air pump is ideal for use in small spaces.


Power usage: 0,9W
Noise level: < 37dB
For aquariums up to: max. 40 liters

Includes 40 centimeter air hose and air stone.

Janneke Broeksteeg 08-06-2019 18:31

Makkelijk klein pompje voor in een kleine bak. De pomp geeft voldoende bubbels voor een klein kommetje, en is echt stil, geen getril door het hele huis heen. Zijn kleine formaat is ook ideaal.

d Westendorp 29-05-2019 16:32

Koper heeft geen omschrijving achtergelaten.

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