Boyu Undergravel Filter 16P

This undergravel filter from our private label is available in various sizes. This version has 16 panels and is for aquariums of approx. 60x30 cm. This is a complete set including riser, air stone and air hose. Exclusive air pump, color white.

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Boyu Undergravel Filter 16P


Using the whole soil as an aquarium filter, large quantities of bacteria can live in it which keeps your aquarium clean and balanced. Undergravel filters are ideal for keeping shrimp. All waste materials are drawn into the bottom by means of an aerated flow system without negatively effecting the aquarium inhabitants.

An undergravel filter is very easy to use. You have to join the panels together and attach the riser pipe to one of the panels. Then, insert the undergravel filter into your aquarium. Then cover the panels with your soil. The thicker the soil the more bacteria can live in it.

An undergravel filter needs minor space and is (except the uplift tube) invisible. At the places where you want to have aquarium plants you can choose to omit a panel.

Please note that the riser is made from recycled plastic and may therefore turn out a bit transparent / yellow. Exclusive air pump.

This version consists of 16 panels of 14x7cm that you can click together. Suitable for aquariums of approx. 60x30 cm.


This package contains:

16 panels (14x7cm)
1 uplift tube, 1 air tube & 1 small air stone

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