Products tagged with Biomax

Biomax NO planaria


Biomax NO planaria frees your aquarium from planaria and hydra and other worms in just 3 days. Biomax NO planaria is harmless to shrimps and crayfish and works very effectively without affecting aquarium bacteria or water parameters.

Biomax size 1


Biomax size 1 has been specially developed for young shrimp to reduce mortality in the first weeks after birth, which is often caused by indigestion. The feed is in powder form which will help spreading the feed throughout the whole aquarium.

Biomax eikoso


Biomax eikoso is a multi-vitamin preparation consisting of many types of vitamins to keep shrimps healthy and vital. Biomax eikoso has positive effects on breeding shrimps and ensures that more young shrimps survive.

Biomax beta G


Biomax beta G is a product which prevents bacterial diseases, fungal infections and moulting problems. Every shrimp owner should have Biomax beta G at their disposal to stop or prevent problems at an early stage.

Biomax crayfish


Biomax Crayfish is a specially developed crayfish food. It enhances colors and prevents crayfish diseases. Biomax crayfish is a complete diet and can be fed to crayfish daily.

Biomax Broodstocker


Biomax Broodstocker is special food for adult crayfish that are ready to reproduce. Broodstocker provides an optimal addition to the complete feed and improves the breeding results and quality of newborn crayfish.