Biomax Broodstocker

Biomax Broodstocker is special food for adult crayfish that are ready to reproduce. Broodstocker provides an optimal addition to the complete feed and improves the breeding results and quality of newborn crayfish.

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Biomax broodstocker

Biomax Broodstocker is a high-quality, functional additional feed for female crustaceans. It stimulates the production of eggs and ensures better development of the newborn. Broodstocker is specially developed for female crustaceans and contains a large amount of valuable vitamins and minerals, which increase the resistance of the organisms.

contains krill, fish, squid liver, muscle meat, spirulina and seaweed, supplemented by vitamins, astaxanthin and trace elements. Enriched with vegetable and animal proteins, vitamins A, D3, E, beta-carotene, astaxanthin, cholesterol, lititin and biozyme.

Feeding every other day.

50g including a measuring spoon


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