Products tagged with kreeftenvoer

Dennerle CrustaGran


CrustaGran is a sinking special feed tailored to the needs of fresh water shrimps and dwarf crayfish. CrustaGran is used for balanced growth and problem-free moulting.

Dennerle Shrimp King CPO


Basic food for dwarf crayfish. The thin, non-buoyant sticks are made from 100% natural ingredients and are rich in calcium. They ensure strong shells and great colours thanks to the colour booster, astaxanthin.

Dennerle CrustaGran Baby


Basic feed for breeding shrimps and dwarf crayfish.

SL-aqua More Feed for Crayfish


SL-aqua More Feed for Crayfish is a complete food for crayfish which can be used an a daily basis. Rich in amino acids and proteins which optimally support the lobsters in growth, coloring and molting. Content: 30 gram.

Biomax crayfish


Biomax Crayfish is a specially developed crayfish food. It enhances colors and prevents crayfish diseases. Biomax crayfish is a complete diet and can be fed to crayfish daily.

Biomax Broodstocker


Biomax Broodstocker is special food for adult crayfish that are ready to reproduce. Broodstocker provides an optimal addition to the complete feed and improves the breeding results and quality of newborn crayfish.