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Red sakura


Red sakura shrimp with a super nice red color. An easy to keep shrimp. The red sakura is an easy to grow and breed shrimp species.

Blue fairy shrimp


Blue fairy shrimp with a smooth blue color. Blue fairy shrimp are easy to keep and breed. It takes constant selection to keep these shrimp at the beautiful blue color.

Crystal red shrimp grade A - S+


We have Hongkong import Crystal Red shrimp for sale; grade A-S/S+. It concerns animal of 1,0-1,5 cm. The shrimp have a great color and pattern. The shrimp are grown on a pH lowering soil with osmosis water.

Orange sakura


Orange sakura shrimp are selected on intense orange color. Strong shrimp which are easy to keep and easy to breed. Active shrimp which look the best on a dark gravel.

Tangerine tiger shrimp


Tangerine tiger shrimps are shrimps with beautiful golden color. This tiger shrimp can also be used to crossbreed with crystals and taiwan bee shrimp.

Tibee shrimp


These tibee shrimp are crossbreed between crystal black/red and tangerine tiger shrimp. These shrimp have unique colors and lines that make the animals very attractive. Also suitable for further crossbreeding!

Blue bolt


The blue bolt shrimp are beautiful taiwan bee shrimp with a rising blue color. The head of the shrimp is intense blue and runs down towards the tail.

Benibachi pure red line (low grade)


Benibachi pure red line (PRL) shrimps from own breed. If you like to breed with pure red line shrimp, these shrimp ideal as starters.

Crystal red grade SSS


Crystal red grade SSS from our own culture. Animals are approximately 1.5-2.0 cm. Animals with a nice color. The shrimp are grown in 50% rainwater and 50% normal tap-water with a ph-lowering soil.

Shrimps Forever minera


Shrimps Forever minera is a mix of essential macro-elements and minerals that shrimp require in little amounts. These macro-elements and minerals support the moult, build up the armor, etc.

Spotted head black


Beautiful spotted head black shrimp. These shrimp are carriers of the pinto gene. 2nd to 5th generation spotted head shrimp.