Golden bee shrimp

Golden bee shrimp are a variation on the snow white shrimp. These shrimp are selected on the ''gold'' color and are beautiful to have in the aquarium.


Golden bee shrimp


Golden bee shrimp from our own culture. Animals are approximately 1.0-2.0 cm. Animals which are selected on their gold color. The shrimp are grown in 50% rainwater and 50% normal tap-water with a ph-lowering soil. Looks the best on a dark soil. We recommend to keep at least 10 shrimp on every 30 liters of water.

The aquarium

These shrimp have no special demands for the aquarium. You can already keep the shrimp in an aquarium from 15 liter. The aquarium can be best well planted, with some pieces off moss. A piece of driftwood is recommended because shrimp graze on the microorganisms.


These shrimps eat almost anything they can find. You can think of dead plants, feces of other aquarium inhabitants, food sticks, etc. The shrimp keep a beautiful color when they get a lot of different types of food. In our webshop, you can order special shrimp food. If you mix a few types of food, you have a pretty complete food for the shrimp.


When you want to breed these shrimp, they can keep best be kept on a pH-lowering soil. The shrimp like a somewhat softer and more acidic water. The female wears black eggs under her tail for 3 to 4 weeks, after which the shrimp are born alive. Young shrimp are sexually mature within 5 to 6 months. The shrimp have about 30 eggs per time.

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