Colombo Algisin


An aquarium in which the amount of plants, the food supply and the lighting are in balance, is generally not bothered by algae. If algae turn up, Algisin No Algae offers a reliable solution. Available in 100 & 250 ml.

Colombo Bacto Start


High Ammonia or Nitrite levels are a direct danger to your fish. If ammonia or nitrite levels are too high, make a water change and add Colombo Bacto Start. The beneficial bacteria in Bacto Start help to breakdown. Available in 100 & 250 ml.

Colombo Flora Grow Carbo


FloraGrow Carbo contains a substance that serves as a replacement for CO2. In aquaria without a CO2 system, the use of FloraGrow Carbo is indispensable. Available in 250/500 or 2500 ml.

Colombo Flagellex


Colombo Flagellex is effective against flagellates, also known as Discus disease or hole disease. Content: 100ml.

Colombo Bactyfec


Colombo Bactyfec is effective against bacterial infections such as fin rot, gill rot, mouthrush, skin ulcers and other diseases caused by bacteria. Content: 100 ml.

Colombo Flora Grow PRO


Liquid foliar feed for heavily planted ” scapers” aquariums with relatively few fish. FloraGrow Pro is special liquid plant food for heavily planted aquaria. Content: 250,500 or 500ml.

Colombo CO2 basic set


The CO2 Basic Set provides a simple solution for adding CO2 to smaller tanks. Fill the diffusor with CO2 from the bottle, through contact with water the CO2 gas is absorbed.

Colombo GH Plus


Colombo GH Plus is used to increases GH value of water. Available in 100 & 250 ml.

Colombo Aqua Care


Colombo Aqua Care keeps your aquarium clean and clear in a natural way. The decomposition of nutrients such as nitrates and phosphates is stimulated in a biological way. Meanwhile the water quality is stabilized and improved. Available in 100 & 250 ml.

Colombo Dactycid


Colombo Dactycid is effective against internal and external worms such as nematodes, skin flukes (Gyrodactylus) and gill flukes (Dactylogyrus). Content: 100ml.

Colombo Alparex


Colombo Alparex is effective against invisible parasites, which cause grey skin disease, such as Ichtyobodo, Chilodinella and Trichodina. Content: 100 ml.

Colombo Aqua Start


Colombo Aqua Start detoxifies the water, it removes chlorine and protects your fish. The necessary water changes will change the composition of the aquarium water which can cause health problems to the fish. Available in 100 & 250 ml.

Colombo Nutri Caps


Nutri Caps allow you to introduce nutrition into the aquarium bed, directly at the roots where the plants need it. Plants take up nutrition via the leaves, but also via the soil, which is why sufficient nutrition in the soil is important. Content: 10 pcs.

Colombo pH Min


Colombo pH Min is used to reduce too high pH values. Available in 100 & 250 ml.

Colombo Femsee


Colombo Femsee is effective against White spot and fungus. Available in 100ml.

Colombo KH Plus


Colombo KH Plus is used to increase too low KH Values. Available in 100 & 250 ml.

Colombo Goldfish Care


Goldfish Care is the product of choice for optimal care of Goldfish. Goldfish Care is a 100% natural salt, which is enriched with vitamins, minerals and nourishing ingredients. Content: 100 ml.

Colombo Bacto Care


Bacto Care contains living filter and water purifying bacteria. These bacteria are essential for the biological equilibrium in the aquarium and help to keep the water clean and healthy. Available in 100 & 250 ml.

Colombo Aqua Salt


Aqua Salt is a completely natural purified seasalt. Aqua Salt ensures a healthy environment and therefore healthy fish and thereby prevents fish diseases. The ideal salt content is 0.1%. Available in 325 & 1300 gram.

Colombo CO2 basic set refill


Refill for Colombo CO2 basic set.

Colombo Aerocol


Colombo Aerocol is effective treatment for blue algae in freshwater aquariums. Content: 100 ml.

Colombo Flora Grow Combipack


Colombo Flora Grow Combipack is a value pack with 250 milliliters of Colombo Flora Grow & 250 milliliters of Colombo Flora Grow Carbo.

Colombo Black water


Colombo Black Water contains peat extracts, creating natural tropical water (so-called black water) like your fish are used to in their natural habitat. Content: 250ml for 1000l of water.

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