Tropica Nutrition Capsules

The Nutrient Capsules of Tropica give individual plants extra food at their roots. So you can easily adjust the nutrition per plant as desired.

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Tropica Nutrition Capsules


Nutrition Capsules is an extra nutrient supplement – use tweezers to place the capsule in the gravel, close to the roots of fast-growing plants
  • Nutrition Capsules contain both nitrogen, phosphor, iron and micro nutrients.
  • The nutrients are slowly released as the plants need them.
  • Use Nutrition Capsules for stem plants, Cryptocoryne, Echinodorus, Vallisneria etc. – all plants with sturdy roots.

How to use the product

Nitrogen, phosphor, iron and manganese, as well as all vital micro nutrients are released by the capsules over a period of 1-2 months. Place the capsules close to the roots of large solitary plants and plants with sturdy roots.

The capsules do not fully decompose and the small balls inside the capsules will remain in the substrate after all nutrients have been released. The balls are made of resin, which is biologically harmless.

Letter mail

This product can be sent by letter mail and weighs 50 grams. Shipping by letter is possible to 200gram.

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