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Rotala wallichii - In Vitro Cup


Rotala wallichii is a demanding plant that develops red shoot tips in good light conditions. The most decorative effect can be achieved by planting a large number of stems in a group. Heigth: 10-30 cm

Rotala 'Bonsai' - In vitro cup


Rotala 'Bonsai' in 1-2-Grow cup. Plant these in small groups and cut them often, then you can keep the plants easily in top condition.

Rotala rotundifolia - Cocos pot


Grown in a coconut fibre mini-pot to plug and grow in the tank. Packed in a breathable blister packaging to go. Rotala rotundifolia from South-East Asia has long, thin leaves and 15-30 long stems, 2-3 cm wide including the leaves.

Rotala 'Vietnam H'ra' - In vitro cup


Rotala 'H’ra' has rather narrow leaves and an overhanging or creeping growth. It is probably a variation of Rotala rotundifolia and has much resemblance to Rotala sp. ‘Green’.

Rotala rotundifolia 'Green' - In vitro cup


The Asiatic Rotala sp. ‘Green’ is very similar to Rotala rotundifolia, but its leaves remain fresh and bright green, even with intensive light. Stems becomes 40-50 cm long and 2-3 cm wide.

Rotala rotundifolia - In pot


The Latin name means "the plant with the round leaves'', but this only applies to the marsh variety, which has circular leaves. Rotala rotundifolia from South-East Asia has 15-30 long stems (2-3 cm wide) and long, narrow leaves.

Rotala macrandra - In vitro cup


Rotala macrandra is a wonderful aquarium plant that exhibits a beautiful combination of red and green colors under the right conditions. Gets +- 30 centimeters high.