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SaltyShrimp - Bee Shrimp Mineral GH+


Bee-Shrimp Mineral GH+ contains all the important minerals and trace elements your shrimp need for their well-being, an intensive coloration, successful breeding and healthy growth.

Vin storm GH regulator


Excellent mineral Micro elements provides shrimps mineral needs. Promote high survival rate, breeding health and body color brightening. Content: 500ml

Sera gH test


Makes it easy to monitor the total hardness. For approx. 420°dGH.

Shrimps Forever GH+ mineral powder


Shrimps Forever GH+ mineral powder has been specially developed for the remineralization of osmosis / rainwater for Caridina shrimps. Only increases the GH of the water. Content: 90 grams.

Colombo GH Plus


Colombo GH Plus is used to increases GH value of water. Available in 100 & 250 ml.

Dennerle Shrimp King Bee Salt GH+


Multimineral salt for soft-water shrimps with valuable minerals, trace elements and vitamins.

SL-aqua GH Conditioner for Bee Shrimp


SL-aqua GH Conditioner for Caridina shrimps contains all essential minerals and elements for the successful keeping and breeding of Caridina shrimps. This product increases the GH value of soft water, osmosis water and rainwater.

Shrimps Forever liquid GH+


Shrimps Forever liquid GH+ is used to add to osmosis and/or rainwater so you get the right minerals and water parameters for Caridina shrimp. Just adds GH without increasing the KH or affect the pH. Content: 130 milliliters.

SL-aqua GH conditioner for Sulawesi shrimp


SL-aqua GH conditioner has been specially developed in order to increase the GH in aquariums with a neutral to alkaline pH, such as in Sulawesi shrimp and fish aquariums. Supports the moulting and improves the natural coloring.