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Dragon Stone


Dragon stone is often used in aquariums for the beautiful structure. Dragon stone does not affect the water parameters and therefore can be used in aquariums with a low pH. Pieces of 10, 20 or 30 centimeters.

Black ryuoh stone


Treated Ryuoh stones with the objective to obtain a black-blueish hue with striking with veins. Stones with a visual forcefulness and magnificent versatility in aquascaping designs. Available in 3 sizes.

Millenium stone


Unbeatable rocks with a extraordinary beauty and detailed, that appear to come from ancient world. Their singular forms and exceptional textures are the result of inclement weather in the top mountain: water, snow, wind… over the millenniums.

Ryuoh stone


The Ryuoh stone stands out for their rich texture, grey-bluish color tone and their powerful chiaroscuro. You can create group of pieces to create great stone structures. Available in 3 sizes.

Maple Leaf Rock


Maple Leaf Rock is a very distinctive type of stone that is widely used in aquascaping. The stone is red/orange in color and is composed of several layers. Pieces of +- 1.0 to 1.5 kg.

Dragon Stone nano rocks


Distinctive Stone with a strong visual impact with earthy tones. Stands out for its unique texture resembling dragon scales. Dragon Nano Rocks are ideal to create impressive small details and landslides in your compositions with Dragon Stone.

McDonald Lake Boulder Mix


Impressively colourful Nano Boulders that will create a Monet like impression. The McDonald Lake Nano Boulder range in colour from dark red to maroon, and from green to blue.

Fossil Wood stone


A fossilized wood, a process that took thousands of years to transform a wood piece into a rock. An ideal stone to recreate ancestral sceneries. It is a beautiful stone with remarkable golden-ochre hue. The different heights and thickness allow to create

Elderly nano rocks


Elderly Nano Rocks brings fine details to your scape with Elderly Stone - also known as European Manten stone, Frodo stone or Ancient stone-. A highly sought-after rock, it is well known for its unique rugged texture and "cracking" pattern.

Nano Fossil Grey Rocks


Fossilized Wood Nano Rocks to add detail to your scapes with Grey Fossil Wood stones. This nano rock has a remarkable metallic grey colour tone.

Green Jade nano rocks


Jade Nano Rocks creates fine details to your scape with Jade Stone. Genuine greenstone, which broadens the colour range available for the aquascaping world. It creates a completely new look, with a unique and fresh impression.