Vin Blizzard Shrimp Food


Vin Blizzard Shrimp Food is high quality shrimp feed, specially selected and composed by VinFish. With Blizzard you are assured of the best nutrition for optimal health, growth, coloring and breeding. Content: 40 or 500 grams.

Vin storm ecological bacteria


Vin storm ecological bacteria quickly strengthen nitrification system, stabilize water quality and builds excellent ecology. Content: 35 or 500 grams.

Vin storm nitrifying bacteria


Vin storm nitrifying bacteria effectively enhance the nitrogen cycle, balance aqua ecosystem and suppress algae growth. Content: 250ml

Vin storm activator


Vin Storrm Activator effectively decomposes organic accumulations and reduce pressing impact on shrimps. Help bacteria fast breeding and purify water. Suppress all kind of worms to breed. Content: 250ml

Vin storm GH regulator


Excellent mineral Micro elements provides shrimps mineral needs. Promote high survival rate, breeding health and body color brightening. Content: 500ml