Shrimps forever

Shrimps Forever Ex-it


Shrimps Forever Ex-it frees your aquarium from planaria, hydra and snails in 1 or 2 treatments. Shrimps Forever Ex-it is safe for shrimps and crayfish. Works quickly and effectively. 100% identical ingredients as Biomax NO planaria.

Shrimps Forever shrimp lolly mix pack


Shrimps Forever shrimp lolly mix pack with 4 types of shrimp lollipops. This package contains 4 x lolly vegetable/algae and 2 x mineral, spinach and bee pollen. The ideal combination to try the 4 types of lollipops immediately!

Shrimps forever lolly package

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All known Shrimps forever lollipops in one advantageous package! The shrimp lollipops are the ideal, healthy, supplementary feed for your shimps. Since all shrimp lollipops are made from 100% natural ingredients, they are a responsible snack and heal...

Shrimps Forever try package XL


With the Shrimps Forever try package XL you get 9 x 5 grams from the feed products of Shrimps Forever. Ideal to see what your shrimps like. Shrimps Forever stands for good quality and honest products made from 100% natural ingredients.

Shrimps forever complete


Shrimps forever complete is a complete shrimp feed containing all the essential minerals and nutrients that shrimp need. Consists of 100% natural ingredients that support health, color and breeding. Content: 30 or 150 grams.

Shrimps Forever trial package natural


With the Shrimps Forever trial package natural you get 6 x 5 grams of shrimp food from the natural product line of Shrimps Forever. This way you can easily try a wide range of products without purchasing the entire packaging immediately.

Shrimps Forever try package


Shrimps Forever try package with 5 x 5 grams of the best selling shrimp feed. Ideal to discover which feed is best for your shrimp. Shrimps Forever stands for high quality and is made from 100% natural ingredients.

Shrimps forever baby


Shrimps forever baby is special shrimp feed in powder form, which offers baby shrimp everything for optimal growth from an early age. Starting early with good nutrition will lead to stronger shrimp at a later stage. Content: 20 grams.

Shrimps Forever astaxanthin


Shrimps Forever astaxanthin is specially developed to enhance the coloring of the shrimp. Astaxanthin is the most powerful colour enhancer and ensures a better colour coverage, tighter lines and much clearer patterns. Content: 40 grams.

Shrimps Forever algasol


Shrimps Forever algasol is an organic algae remover made from 100% natural products, completely safe for shrimps. Algasol is suitable for green- and beard algae in the aquarium. Content: 130 milliliters.

Shrimps Forever Neocaridina/tiger box


With the Shrimps Forever Neocaridina/tiger box you have everything you need for breeding and keeping Neocaridina/tiger shrimp in one box. This box contains different types of food, minerals and additives.

Shrimps Forever speed growth


Shrimps Forever speed growth is a high-grade protein food to increase the growth rate of young and half mature shrimp. Besides accelerating the growth speed the coloration and healthy development are supported.

Shrimps forever shrimp lolly vegetable / algae


These shrimp lollipops are provided with a layer of food consisting of algae and different vegetables. The shrimp lollipops support the shrimps in growth and health. Made from 100% vegetable ingredients on a wooden stick.

Shrimps forever daily feed


Shrimps forever daily feed is 100% natural feed with extra vitamins. This shrimp feed is complete and suitable for daily use. Daily feed contains additional vitamins and fibers for good digestion and color development. Content: 30 or 150 grams.

Shrimps Forever montmorillonite


Shrimps Forever montmorillonite has been specially developed for shrimp aquariums and contains a mix of more than 60 minerals and micro organisms. Has a purifying, color-enhancing effect and supports the moulting. Content: 90 grams.

Shrimps forever shrimp lolly mineral


The minerals which have been used for these shrimp lolly’s are 100% pure and natural. Consuming small amounts of minerals will support the moult and the shrimps will built up a strong armor.

Shrimps Forever Crystal clear water


Shrimps Forever Crystal clear water filters out impurities from the water and makes (murky) aquarium water crystal clear. Shrimps Forever Crystal clear is made of 100% natural components. Content: 130 milliliters.

Shrimps Forever Sulawesi Snail


Shrimps Forever Sulawesi Snail is, as the name suggests, snail food, specially composed for sulawesi snails. Sulawesi Snail is a complete feed and contains essential nutrients and minerals. Content: 30 grams, available in sticks or powder.

Shrimps Forever delight algae paste


Shrimps Forever delight algae paste is a complete paste feed for shrimp. This feed is made from a mix of different algae and vegetables. Natural minerals have been added for good moulting. Content: 50 grams.

Shrimps Forever fly


Shrimps Forever fly is a breeding stimulant consisting of chitin and hormones. These hormones are released naturally when a female just moulted. The males then go looking for the female to mate. With fly you can simulate this effect. Content: 20 mill...

Shrimps Forever ProBacter filter bacteria


Shrimps Forever ProBacter contains millions of live filter bacteria that shorten your aquarium startup period and accelerate the natural balance in the aquarium. Also suitable for adding after each water change. Content: 130 milliliters.

Shrimps forever red


Shrimps forever red is supplementary shrimp feed on a natural basis that supports the red color of shrimps from a young age. Red provides better color coverage by stimulating the production of the red pigment. Content: 40 grams.

Shrimps Forever Tapfix


Shrimps Forever Tapfix is a liquid mixture of natural minerals that filters out chlorine and heavy metals from the water. In addition to the purifying effect, Tapfix removes nasty odors from the water. Content: 130 milliliters.

Shrimps forever snowflakes


Shrimps forever snowflakes are high quality snowflakes that are extremely nutritious for shrimps. Snowflakes are made of soybean peels and are a real nutritious shrimp snack. Content: 50 or 200 grams.

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